Normally we would be listing here all the spring and summer events that we would be attending this spring and summer.  Sadly however, in the light of the current crisis many of them have been cancelled. It is unlikely that anything will be reinstated, but we will keep you informed as this very fluid situation progresses.  It is important that we should all keep safe and keep well.

In the meantime, please make sure you are signed up to our newsletter for advance notice of new collections, sales and in particular the upcoming launch of our new catalogue and website.  

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In this new world, our focus is changing and the digital world is pivoting to the front of our activities. We have however not forgotten the many charities we supported.  No events meant no donations..  Thus has been born the Charity Fairs Association fundraising emporium, featuring all those stalls you know and love (including us!).  Follow the link and the instructions and should you place an order, we will donate 10% to the CFA Charity Fund - to be distributed between all CFA charities.  Look for us and a link to our website under Fashion Accessories.

With the sad cancellation of so many events and thus a collapse in our charitable donation activities, an enterprising group of brands have joined together to form a shopping website called

Amongst the 100 or so brands featured you will find us and better still, any order you place through this site will enable us to donate 10% to selected charities.   Follow the instructions on the home page to select your charity and shop away, knowing that our favourite charities will also benefit.   Brilliant.....