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Magnetic Bead Necklaces

Magnetic Bead Necklaces

Ref: W1522W1523W1524

Price: 15.99 (Inc  VAT at 20%)


Our magnetic necklaces and bracelets will be the easiest jewellery you ever put on. Why?? Because they have a strong magnetic fastener, which essentially closes itself, and is ideal for anyone who finds fighting with fiddly hooks a problem. The beads are magnetic too and there is a matching bracelet in all colours (See W1519,W1520,W1521). Buy a necklace and bracelet and by joining them together, you can make a long necklace too! The necklaces are 18" (45.7cm) long and boxed. Available in 3 colours, pink, pearl and multicolour. Magnetic jewellery should not be worn by anyone with a pacemaker or similar medical device.